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Bed & Bath Frogs


  • "Buddies Stick Together" Frog Beach Towel

    Enjoy the pool or the surf with this fun frog beach towel!

    It pictures three whimsical frogs on a bright blue background, with the words, "Buddies Stick Together."

    The towel is a high quality lightweight terry velour, 100% cotton. It also makes a great bath towel for that froggy bathroom you've always been wanting.

    Size: 30" x 60"
  • "Tastes Like Chicken" Frog Baby Bib

    This cute cotton knit bib has an appliqued frog on the front, and is embroidered with the words: "Tastes like chicken!" The bib is double-layered with a terry backing for extra absorbency, and is nicely edged in blue binding. Size: 8-1/2" x 9"

  • Frog Air Freshener

    This fine frog-shaped molded air freshener looks great hanging from your rear-view mirror, and is also perfect for your office or home. It emits a clean, pleasant scent that is somewhat fruity, with floral overtones.

    Size: 4" tall, from fingers to toes
  • Frog Bath Pal Scrubby

    Aw... how cute! Isn't this frog adorable?

    Maybe a kiss will turn this... um... frog into a handsome prince? His lips are big, but at least they're clean!

    This terry bath frog has a green nylon bath scrubbee around his middle, with two feet that hang below. A cord loop is attached so that you can hang him up to dry after your shower or bath.

    Comes in a decorative recyclable plastic gift bag.

    Size: About 7" long. Parental supervision recommended for children under 3.
  • Frog Bathtime Buddies Backpack

    This is a toadally cute froggy gift bath set!

    The items are bundled up inside a clear frog mini backpack that has heads, hands, and feet of green terrycloth. There is a zipper in the back and clear straps for carrying.

    Inside the frog are 3 bath fizzers, a pair of bath slippers, a hand puppet washcloth, and frog-shaped sponge/toy. The slipper should fit toddle size feet from size 9 though size 1.

    The backpack is designed for toddlers and small kids. Recommended to have adult supervision in using the bath fizzies.

    Size: Pack is about 9" high

    Fizzer Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, pentasodium triphosphate, sodium sulfate, cellulose gum, talc, isopropyl palmitate, fragrance, color pigment: red 33, red 40, and blue 1. For external use only.
  • Frog Suction-Cup Toothbrush Holder

    Froggy holds your toothbrush!

    This simple yet handy toothbrush holder is mounted on a suction cup, so you can stick it to the bathroom mirror. The chromed metal holder has a slot in it for the handle of the toothbrush, and the front is decorated with an enameled metal frog.

    Note: The slot for the toothbrush handle is a 1/2" circular hole, and may not fit extra-large toothbrushes with really "fat" handles.

    Packaging: None
    Size: Enameled frog is 1-1/4" tall.
  • Froggy Friends Shower Curtain Hooks

    Liven up your shower with some froggy friends!

    These cute shower hooks will make any curtain look more attractive. You get a set of 12 hooks: 4 frogs, 4 bees, and 4 dragonflies in a boxed set.

    They make a great gift for frog lovers!
  • Fuzzy Frog Baby Blanket

    Wrap up baby in this cozy frog blanket!

    This soft plush blanket is big enough even for a toddler, and is edged in pale blue satin. Even better, it has a cuddly plush frog head and upper-body sewn right onto one corner of the blanket, so it can't get lost.

    The blanket is a super soft fuzzy plush on the front side, and silky green satin on the back. It comes neatly folded in a tulle mesh bag tied with a yellow satin ribbon, perfect for gift-giving.

    Size: 31" x 36" blanket, frog is 7" tall
  • Hide and Seek Frogs Afghan

    Frogs lounge by the pond in a peaceful scene woven into a high-quality tapestry throw.

    Use it on your lap for reading or watching TV, drape it over a sofa or bed to add extra color, or tack it to the wall as a dramatic wall tapestry.

    100% cotton, machine washable.

    Size: 50" X 60"
  • HOP-SKIP-JUMP Frog Guest Towels, set/3

    Dress up your bath or powder room with these fun frog fingertip towels!

    You get a set of three little forest green terry velour guest towels, each with a different felted frog applique. The towels have fringed ends, and are made to be folded so the center portion is showing. (Towels in photo are folded.)

    The towels are made from 100% cotton.

    Size: 18" x 11" open (about 5-1/2" x 9" when folded for hanging, as shown in photo), set of three as shown.
  • Squeaky Fun Frogs (3)

    Adorable smiling frogs...

    Surround yourself with these smiling, squeaky frogs during your next bath and soon you will be smiling too! They are made from soft flexible vinyl and have a vent in the bottom that produces a mild squeaky sound when squeezed.

    Set of 3 includes one adult sized green frog and 2 kid sized green frogs in floaty rings.

    Size: Small frogs are 2" tall, large frog is 3.5" tall
  • Tree Frog Wallpaper Border

    A portion of the proceeds from each sale supports the National Wildlife Federation.

    Make any room a froggy room! Delicate little red-eyed tree frogs peek at you from a network of green leaves on a cream-colored background.  Prepasted, can be applied with just a sponge and water.

    Need to match the colors with your decor? Send an Email message to with your postal address and we'll send you a free sample!  Be sure to say which sample you want.

    Size: 7" wide x 15 feet long.

  • Velvety Fleece Treefrog Throw Blanket

    Snuggle into some froggy softness!

    This velvety plush lap blanket is super soft and fluffy, and best of all it's totally covered with beautiful red-eyed treefrogs! The pattern has redeyed tree frogs perched on jungle leaves, against a teal-green background. Perfect for watching TV or reading, it's also just the right size for a kids bed or baby crib. We're even tempted to hang it on the wall as a decorative tapestry, it's so gorgeous.

    A luxurious throw blanket makes a great gift too, especially for seniors or people who like to sit and read or knit. Drape it over your car seat, line the baby stroller, put it over your shoulders while you play computer games, or lay it out on the floor for the baby to play on.

    Photo at left shows almost the entire blanket pattern (it's slightly larger). See the detail photo below for a closeup of one corner.

    Size: about 50" x 60"
  • Whimsical Frog Beach Towel

    Great for the beach, pool, or just out in your backyard!

    This colorful frogs towel is bold and beautiful. Made of 100% cotton, the fabric has been specially dyed to retain its color for a much longer time.

    Size: 30" x 60"