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Calendars & Notepads

Frog notepads and notebooks are a fun way to keep your messages and shopping lists! We also have frog journals, frog address books, and even frog sticky notes. After all, it's important that you don't "froget" your "hopping list"! Some have magnetic backs so they cling to your refrigerator or filing cabinet, and some come with pencils or pens, and of course all of them have fun frog art or frog photos on them. Starting around July we will also have frog calendars for the coming year, featuring colorful frog photos and pictures of poison dart frogs and other species.


  • "Crazy Frog Lady" Sticky Notes (2 pk)

    Did you get a note from the Crazy Frog Lady?

    If you haven't, then you need to get these sticky notepads so you can do so. You can even write them to yourself so you don't go crazy trying to remember something important. Just write it down on these awesome sticky sheets and stick them on your monitor, fridge, folders and books.

    The notepads are white paper with green frogs top and bottom and the words, "Notes From the Crazy Frog Lady."

    You get 2 pads of 25 sheets each so they make great office gifts and stocking stuffers!

    These note pads are individual, and have no wrapping. This is how we get them from the printer.

    Size: 2 notepads, 3" x 4" with 25 sheets in each pad
    Packaging: none
  • "Don't Froget" Frog Sticky Notes

    What's the best way to keep from forgetting something?

    Don't froget to write it down immediately!

    Use these cute sticky notepads to jot down numbers, addresses, and other important information. Each pad is white with a green and black border and a frog in the corner holding up his finger with a loop of string tied to it. Beside the frog are the words, "Don't Froget!"

    Size: You get a set of two 25-sheet pads of 3" x 4" self-adhesive notes
    , as shown in photo

  • "Hoppiness" Frog Photo Brag Book

    Need a cute frog photo album?

    This little brag book holds up to 24 4"x6" photos. The front has a drawing of a big frog and a baby frog, and says "Hoppiness is being together!"

    This also makes a great baby shower gift or memento.

    Size: 5" x 7" hardbound. Holds up to 24 4x6 photos.
  • Garden Party: 8 Notecards

    Super cute!

    You get a nice boxed set of 8 identical notecards featuring the whimsical frog art of Bambi Papais, and 8 white envelopes.

    Size: 8 cards, each 4" x 5-1/2", plus 8 white envelopes
  • Treefrog "Foamies" Address Book

    Wondering where all your froggy friends are?

    This handy little address book will help you keep track. The foam cover has a built-up 3D frog image made with colored foam cutouts, and a 50-page address book is tucked inside.

    Closes with a self-stick tab.

    Size: 3" x 4" x 1/4" thick.
    $4.00 save 26%
  • Whimsical Frog NotePad

    Notepads like this one make writing fun! These are very happy looking frogs. Maybe it's because there are pretty flowers to look at and flies to eat. So... a question: If the 2 frogs split the flies evenly between them, how many flies does each frog get to eat? Size: (of the notepad, not the flies!) 5" x 7" , about 1/4" thick (75 sheets)