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Figurines & Statues

Find frog figurines and frog statuary for your frog decor! This category contains frog collectibles and tabletop figures made from stoneware, ceramic, cold-cast resins and similar materials. Some of the frog designs are very lifelike and are delicately handpainted; others are more whimsical and sure to make you smile! Some frogs are tabletop figurines, some are wall hanging frogs, and some are shelf sitter frogs that hang over a shelf edge.


  • "Clinger" Red-Eyed Mini Porcelain Frog

    If you spent all night climbing in the tops of rainforest trees, you'd be grateful for clingy toes too!

    The wonderful ability of the Red-Eyed treefrog to climb for hours in all weather conditions is what has given this tiny cute collectible its name, "Clinger."

    This miniature frog is hand painted porcelain making each frog unique in its exact markings. But all of the markings are representative of the species including the bright orange feet and large red eyes. This species of frog also has blue along its sides and upper arms with a pale belly and a bright green back.

    Comes in a small gift box.

    Size: 1.25" long, .75" tall
  • "My Garden" Sax Frog on Pot

    This cute little frog welcomes all visitors to your garden, as he plays his saxophone. He sits on an upended flowerpot that says "MY GARDEN". He is finished in muted colors, brushed to a weathered finish.

    We recommend bringing this frog statue indoors during freezing temperatures.

    Packaging: Brown corrugated box
    Size: 7-1/2" tall, 3-1/2" wide
  • "Sapphire" Blue Mini Porcelain Dart Frog

    A beautiful, beautiful tiny blue frog!

    It's no wonder that this cute collectible frog goes by the name of "Sapphire."

    Sapphire belongs to the poison dart species of frog. So don't let its beauty fool you, Sapphire is a highly toxic frog!

    This miniature frog is hand painted porcelain making each frog unique in its exact markings. The pattern of darker blue spots on one frog will be different from all the others... just like real frogs.

    Comes in a small gift box.

    Size: 1.25" wide, .75" tall
  • A Breed Apart: Smitty Jr. Frog

    This relaxing frog is called "Smitty Junior". He seems amused by the dragonfly perched on his toe.

    He is made to rest on his back and has a flat spot there with cushioning fabric attached.

    These tall and lanky frogs are one of the 'A Breed Apart" series of figurines.

    It's made of a resin material, and is about 9" long.
  • Crackled Glaze Sitting Ceramic Frog Figurine

    This green frog figurine has a lovely crackled glaze.

    The frog is hollow on the inside and has a raised floral pattern on his back. The glaze itself is not actually cracked, but does have a crackled pattern that gives it an awesome vintage look.

    Size: 4 inches tall
  • Elegant Porcelain Frog Wedding Couple

    What an elegant frog couple!

    The groom wears a very formal black tuxedo and the bride wears a strapless white dress with a subtle fall of ruffles angling down the front like a waterfall. The dress flares out at the hem and the bride is wearing a dragonfly necklace as an accessory.

    This beautiful hand-painted porcelain sculpture makes a great wedding centerpiece, and a special romantic keepsake.

    Size: 12" tall

    NOTE: This sculpture is TOO BIG for all but the most sturdy wedding cakes as a cake topper. We recommend using it as a table centerpiece or keepsake gift.
  • Frankie Frog Texting on Toilet

    Oh come on now; seriously? A texting treefrog on a tiny toilet? Now we've seen everything!

    Then again, Frankie is one of the cutest red-eyed treefrogs you'll see anywhere. He's shiny green with little pale speckles, and has big orange eyes and copper-orange fingers and toes. Those big treefrog toes are apparently just the thing for texting on his iPhrog!

    He sits on a shiny white commode, which has a convenient open bucket for the back tank that can be used to hold pencils, toothpicks, paperclips, or other small items. Put him to work on your office desk, or load the commode with potpourri for some great bathroom décor.

    Size: 4-1/2" tall, 5" wide (front to back). Opening in the commode tank is 1-1/4" wide and 1-3/4" deep.
  • Glass Frog Prince on Mirror

    This frog prince is just so handsome, he can't even stop looking at himself in the mirror!

    The glass frog has gold details on his feet and the tips of his crown. Parts of the glass are colored and other parts are clear so that the reflection changes depending on the angle you look at the frog.

    Size: 2" tall
  • Harlequin Frog Figurine

    What is a Harlequin Frog?

    In some cases, not a frog at all, but a toad. Harlequin may refer to toads in the Atelopus genus or one of the poison dart frogs in the genus Dendrobates. The Harlequin frogs are found in South America east of the Andes and in Panama. They are reported to be facing extinction as a side effect of global warming.

    There are many species of Harlequin frogs and they have a wide variety of coloration. This figurine is of a species that has one of the more intricate color patterns, a beautiful bright orange with darker red and brown markings. It is depicted sitting on a bronze colored leaf.

    This high quality resin figurine is part of the Country Artists collection and is hand painted and hand crafted.

    Size: The frog is about 3.75" wide (toe to toe). The bronze base is about 4" wide.
  • Itty Bitty Beastie Frog

    What a cute itty bitty beastie frog!

    This miniature frog figurine was created by artist John Raya as part of his Beasties collection. With hands clasped on top of his head and tongue hanging out of his mouth, one does wonder just what this poor frog ate...

    This frog would be a great addition to your Beastie collection, or to place on your computer at work!

    Size: 1-3/8" high, made from resin
  • Little Green Frog Figurine

    Do you need a green frog? Of course you do!

    This handsome frog figurine can be used indoors or outdoors. From a bit of a distance, he is very realistic looking. Put him in your frog collection, or on a shelf, or in the potted plants or the rock garden.

    The frog is made from a polystone ceramic composite material. It is tougher than ceramic, but more fragile than resin. If you place him outside, you may want to bring him in before it freezes for the winter.

    Size: 4" long, 2" tall
  • Little Green Geometric Frog

    Looking for a cute frog figurine?

    This little green frog has a shaded green speckled skin with carved geometric designs that gives it a tribal look. It comes in two slightly different patterns as shown in the picture.

    NOTE: Sold by the single frog! If you wish to get both designs, purchase 2 of them and leave a comment in the customer notes box near the end of the checkout process.

    Size: 2-1/4 inches high by 3-1/4 inches long, made from polystone
  • Lovely Warty Green Glass Frog

    Are you looking for an artsy little frog or toad?

    This awesome frog is handmade from hand-blown (not molded) glass. The body is a bright green color, and it is speckled all over with raised warty-looking pale green glass bumps.

    Since each frog is crafted individually, every frog will be unique in its exact form and color pattern. Comes in a nice windowed gift box as shown in the picture.

    Size: about 2 inches long and 1-1/4 inches high
  • Mosaic Belly Hand on Chin Frog Figurine

    Wouldn't it be nice to sit in the garden and enjoy the flowers and bugs?

    This adorable frog figurine has one hand raised to his chin as if pondering what sort of bug he'd like to eat next. He is made from ceramic clay that is glazed in natural green and brown colors and has sparkly bits of glass embedded into his belly in a mosaic pattern.

    He would love to sit among your plants indoors or outdoors. He just asks that if you put him outside, please bring him in for the winter so he doesn't freeze and crack.

    Size: 4 inches high, 3.5 inches wide
  • Russ Bobbling Old Croaker Frog Figurine

    Well now, there sonny...

    When you get to be my age, then you'll understand. You'll be a lot wiser too. Eh? What was that you called me? Old Croaker? Now listen here...

    This old frog is looking quite dignified in his tie and collar with his round spectacles sitting on his nose. Although maybe he should lay off the caffeine because he sure does seem to have the shakes! Why, it only takes a mere touch to set the top half of his body bobbling.

    Part of the Russ Berrie collection of hand-painted, resin frog figurines.

    Size: Almost 5" tall
  • Russ Teenie Countrykin Frog Figurine: Coach

    All right...listen up all you little froggies!

    With his oversized tennis shoes, bright workout clothes, and a silver whistle, who could ignore this coach?

    Coach is a hand painted figurine by Russ Berrie and part of the Teenie Countrykins Collection.

    Size: 4.25" tall
  • Smiling Momma Frog with 4 Babies

    The more the merrier!

    This Mama Frog has a baby in front, one on each leg, and one on top of her head. Of course, it could be Daddy Frog who is watching the little ones while Mama is producing yet more babies! It really is hard to tell the gender on some frogs...

    This cute green resin frog figurine was designed by Suzi Skoglund and is part of the Blossom Bucket collection of folk art. It would make a great Mother's Day gift, or for a frog baby shower.

    Size: 2-1/2" tall, 2" wide
  • Soccer Sports Frog Figurine

    This little frog loves soccer!

    He is bright orange and yellow in color and is holding a soccer ball on his foot. He is made from a durable resin and would make an awesome addition to your frog or sports collection.

    Size: 2 inches high
  • Sprogz: Flipped on Fire:

  • Tiny Yoga Frog in Lotus Pose

    Add some peaceful tranquility to your garden!

    This tiny frog sits in a meditative lotus yoga pose, dreaming of warm sunshine and happy days. Put him among your plants, on a shelf by your office desk, or on a sunny windowsill. He'd make a great addition to your collection of frog miniatures!

    Material: Coldcast polystone resin

    Size: 2" tall, 2" wide
  • Wallace's Flying Frog Figurine

    It's a flying frog!

    Wallace's Flying Frogs are a frog species native to Malaysia and Borneo. They grow to about 4" long and have the ability to travel from tree-to-tree by gliding through the air, using skin flaps between their toes and on their sides as wings.

    This artwork has a bronze base and a resin frog.

    The frog is about 4.5" long. The bronze base is about 4.25" top to bottom.