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Frog Garden Statues


  • "My Garden" Sax Frog on Pot

    This cute little frog welcomes all visitors to your garden, as he plays his saxophone. He sits on an upended flowerpot that says "MY GARDEN". He is finished in muted colors, brushed to a weathered finish.

    We recommend bringing this frog statue indoors during freezing temperatures.

    Packaging: Brown corrugated box
    Size: 7-1/2" tall, 3-1/2" wide
  • Acrobatic Garden Frog

    Wow! What a beautiful handstand.

    This acrobatic frog has perfect balance and particularly loves to do handstands in your garden. He also makes a very froggy statement when placed on your steps, your patio or a shelf in your home.

    He is made from cast aluminum metal with a handsome weathered blue-green verdigris patina.

    Size: 19.5"H 7"W 6"D
  • Balancing Metal Frog

    This completely adorable balancing frog looks great on a shelf or window sill, or even in a greenhouse!

    Just touch the lily pad lightly and watch as he gently rocks back and forth.

    About 9" tall x 9" wide. Painted metal. Not ideal for prolonged outdoor use.
  • Birdwatching Big Metal Garden Frog

    Where is that pesky bird? I can't spot him anywhere!

    This big handsome frog spectator with bird is a truly awesome garden sculpture! It's hollow metal with a bluegreen verdi finish, so will be durable and beautiful for many years.

    It's big, too - 13.5" tall. This fine frog would look fantastic in your garden or yard, with his binoculars pointed at the birdfeeder or pool. Or, perhaps he's looking down the driveway, or in the window...

    Size: 13-1/2" x 13-1/2" x 11-1/2"
    $175.00 save 15%
  • Crackled Glaze Sitting Ceramic Frog Figurine

    This green frog figurine has a lovely crackled glaze.

    The frog is hollow on the inside and has a raised floral pattern on his back. The glaze itself is not actually cracked, but does have a crackled pattern that gives it an awesome vintage look.

    Size: 4 inches tall
  • Fishing Frog Mama & Baby Garden Statue

    Do you have a fond fishing memory?

    This mama frog has just caught a fish and baby frog is holding the basket for her to put the fish in before it slips off the hook.

    The frogs are cast from aluminum metal and have a verdigris finish to give it a nice bronzed weathered look. The mama frog is sitting and holding a fishing pole with a fish dangling at the end of the line while the baby frog is sitting with one leg dangling down and holding a fishing basket.

    It is a great addition to your yard or garden decor!

    Size: 20 inches tall
  • Little Green Geometric Frog

    Looking for a cute frog figurine?

    This little green frog has a shaded green speckled skin with carved geometric designs that gives it a tribal look. It comes in two slightly different patterns as shown in the picture.

    NOTE: Sold by the single frog! If you wish to get both designs, purchase 2 of them and leave a comment in the customer notes box near the end of the checkout process.

    Size: 2-1/4 inches high by 3-1/4 inches long, made from polystone
  • Mosaic Belly Hand on Chin Frog Figurine

    Wouldn't it be nice to sit in the garden and enjoy the flowers and bugs?

    This adorable frog figurine has one hand raised to his chin as if pondering what sort of bug he'd like to eat next. He is made from ceramic clay that is glazed in natural green and brown colors and has sparkly bits of glass embedded into his belly in a mosaic pattern.

    He would love to sit among your plants indoors or outdoors. He just asks that if you put him outside, please bring him in for the winter so he doesn't freeze and crack.

    Size: 4 inches high, 3.5 inches wide
  • Set of 3 Assorted Frog Perchers

    Need some frogs to sit around looking cute? This assortment of little green frogs are made with different kind of bottoms to sit or lie on different kinds of surfaces. They are pale green with dark spots and all of them are wearing froggy garden shoes and have straw hats. And definitely don't forget to notice the striped blue socks! The percher on the right has a flat bottom, so he can sit on the edge of any shelf, wide flat rimmed garden pot, or any flat level surface. The percher on the lower left has a flat bottom, but the basket on his hip helps him to stay put on any flat rim that he fits on. The percher at the top will lay down as shown, but he also has a rounded slot that you can see that will let him hang on a rounded rim, so he also will work on some garden pots. You can find creative places for all 3 to sit, relax, and amuse you. Set of three painted resin and metal frogs. Size: About 3 to 4" long. Packaging: Box with picture of contents on outside.