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Frog Jewelry & Boxes

Looking for frog jewelry? Check the categories below to find frog earrings, frog necklaces and pendants, frog pins and brooches, tie tacs, charms, zipper pulls, and lapel pins. We even have some frog body jewelry, plus watches and bracelets and rings. Much of our frog jewelry is sterling silver, but we also have lustrous brushed pewter and sparkly Austrian crystals. Please note that some of the handmade sterling silver earrings and pendants are shipped to you directly from the artist, so may arrive separately from the rest of your order. Don't forget to take a look at our figural frog jewel boxes and porcelain frog trinket boxes too!


  • Beaded Frog Key Ring

    Never travel without your frog to bring you home again!

    How many times have you wasted more than 5 minutes looking for your keys? When you carry this beautiful beaded frog key ring with you, you are unlikely to misplace or lose your keys.

    The frog is padded in the middle and covered on both sides in tiny sparkly beads in two shades of green and accents of other colors. Very visible and easy to see!

    Size: frog is 2-1/2 inches tall with a 1 inch split ring for holding keys
    Packaging: individually bagged in plastic
  • Black Eyed Crystal Frog Necklace

    Here is a pretty little frog necklace.

    The frog is a very shiny silvery metal with lots of sparkly, clear crystals on his back. He has black crystals for eyes and hangs from a 23 inch to 25 inch adjustable chain.

    Lead free.

    Size: Frog is 1 inch long
    Packaging: individually bagged in plastic
  • Crazy Frog Lady Pin-On Button

    Crazy for frogs?

    You really should warn others if you are. Just wear this button to give others a clear warning without you having to say anything. The button is white with a few green frogs and a very clear warning... "BEWARE of Crazy Frog Lady."

    The metal button has a pin-style backing and looks great on hats and jacket lapels! Also check out our other Crazy Frog Lady items through the links below.

    Made in the USA.

    Size: 1-3/4" across
    Packaging: none
  • Flexible Frog Frame Keychain

    They say that a picture is worth a thousand words...

    Who's they? Does anyone really know? I don't, but I DO know that this is a wonderful frog keychain! The frame has a pattern of green leaves with four beautiful tree frogs on it.

    It is made of a very flexible vinyl so that you won't be stabbing yourself if you put it in your pocket. It's also got a great pocket in the back so that you can slide in (from the top) a photo. Preferably one that means at least a thousand words to you!

    Size: Total length is 4.5", outside frame area is about 2.5" x 2", inside area of frame is about 1' x 2"
    Packaging: Sealed in individual plastic bags
  • Frog Bride & Groom Porcelain Box

    Need a froggy ring box? This little frog bride and groom stand on top of a delicate hinged porcelain box, just the right size for rings or other small jewelry. Open the box, and there's a special surprise inside - a tiny ceramic heart! Packaging: Plain white box Approx Sizes: 1-1/2" wide, 2-3/4" tall. Inside of box is 1" across, 5/8" tall.

  • Frog Prince Porcelain Box

    Here's a gift fit for a frog prince or princess! The tiny little frog wears a red crown and holds a gold scepter as he sits on his lilypad on this miniature blue porcelain box. Open the hinged box, and there's a little red porcelain heart inside! (The heart is loose, not attached to the box.) Size: 2-3/4" tall, box is 2" wide Units: each Packaging: plain white box

  • Frog on Golden Chair Pin

    Froggy went a-courtin?

    This whimsical silvery frog holds a bunch of flowers, as he sits on his golden chair.

    Size: 2" tall

    Units: each
    Packaging: carded
  • Golden-Toed Frog Pin

    We love this guy!

    He's gold-plated with green enamel spots and green crystal eyes, and he has big shiny gold toes. Use him to hold a scarf or as a decorative lapel pin.

    Size: 1-1/4" long, 1-1/2" wide

    Units: each
    Packaging: carded
  • Green and Gold Frog Tac

    How about a pin for your hat?
  • Green F.R.O.G. Fully Rely On God Silicone Bracelet

    Do you Fully Rely On God?

    This fun frog silicone wristband is etched with the letters "F.R.O.G." on one side and "Fully Rely On God" on the other side. The picture shows 2 bands so that you can see the lettering on both sides, but please note that the bands are SOLD BY THE SINGLE PIECE.

    It is made from 100% recycled silicone rubber and is a pale green in color with dark green text.

    Wear it everywhere to remind you that God is always with you!

    Made in the U.S.A.

    Size: 2-1/2" across, 1/2" wide
    Packaging: None
  • Green Frog Brass Hatpin

    Here's a handsome little frog pin that looks great anywhere! Use it for a hatpin, lapel pin, tie tac, or on your backpack. Green enamel over brass, post-style back with plastic clasp. Size: 1/2" tall, 7/8" wide Units: each; minimum order of 4 Packaging: none
  • Green Tree Frog Pin

    Dress up any outfit with this cute treefrog pin! He seems to be clinging to his perch, with one leg extended down for balance.

    His eyes are sparkling green crystals, and toes are gilded with gold. He's a lovely pale green with a pearly matte finish; very elegant.

    Size: 3" tall.
  • Green Crystal Frog Banana

    This sparkly little crystal frog can't wait to be part of your body decor! His eyes are pale blue Austrian Crystal, and there are three green crystals along his back. The frog is silver, and is mounted on a surgical steel banana barbell. Size: 1/2" curved barbell, 1/16" bar and 5mm threaded ball THIS PRODUCT IS FOR PEOPLE WITH A BODY PIERCING. Units: each Packaging: none
  • Green Crystal Wiggly-Frog Banana

    This charming little two-piece sterling silver frog is inlaid with green Swarovski crystals, and sits on a 1/2" surgical steel banana barbell. His head and arms are attached to the barbell, and the legs are hinged so they dangle and wiggle when you move! Size: 1/2" barbell, 1/16" bar and 5mm threaded ball. Units: each Packaging: none
  • Kicking Frog Zipper Pull

    Clip a little metal frog charm onto your zipper, backpack, purse, or suitcase! Besides being cute, he'll help you get a grip. Size: Frog is 1" tall, pull is 1-3/4" overall Units: each Packaging: carded
  • Mini Green Tree Frog Jewel Box

    A lovely tiny green frog with very big toes!

    This cute little jewel box is made from brass, then enameled in a dark green with hints of dark red on the toes. The eyes are green cut crystals and there are 5 tiny red crystals on the frog's back.

    You can use this beautifully enameled frog box to hold your small treasures securely (but only if they're really tiny treasures.) Hinged at the side, the top of the frog opens to reveal a small chamber enameled in pearlescent green.

    This is one of the tiniest figural frog hinged boxes you'll find anywhere!

    Size: 1.75" wide, .75" tall
  • Pewter & Crystal Frog Necklace in Frog Box

    It's one stop frog shopping! You get a cute little frog necklace AND and a frog box to keep it in! The pewter frog has clear crystal eyes and two tiny crystals for its nose. It hangs from a 17" silver colored chain. The necklace comes in a wonderful dark green flocked frog-shaped jewelry box with wiggly eyes. You can use the box to keep your necklace in or if you've met that special froggy person, it makes a great ring box for popping the big question! Size: Pendant is 5/8" tall on 17" chain, frog box is 1-1/2" long. Packaging: Small white paperboard box.
  • Pewter Climbing Frog Earrings

    These spotted frogs are looking forward to climbing your ears! The spots are actually formed by small dimples in the pewter metal and the stripe down the center of the back is a raised ridge. Very cute earrings! Size: Frog is 1" long, total length is about 1-1/4" Units: each Packaging: carded in clear plastic bag
  • Pewter Frog Box w/Necklace & Earrings

    Check this out! A cute miniature pewter frog-shaped jewel box holds a tiny necklace and a pair of earrings. The box is made of pewter and shaped like a frog, and when you lift off the frog's back there's a necklace inside. The frog's back has two holes in it for the earrings, so it looks like the little frogs are sitting on the big frog's back. The pewter frog stud earrings have clear-silicone rubbery keepers instead of metal ones, which keeps them comfortable and secure. The necklace is choker-style, just 15" long, so it fits kids too. (May be a bit small for large adults.) Size: Frog earrings and pendant are each 3/8" long, and necklace is on a 15" chain. Frog box is 1-1/4" long. Note: Photos have a penny or dime in them to show the size of the box.

  • Playful Frog Zipper Pull

    Here's a cheerful frog with lots of uses!

    Just clip him to your zipper, or purse, or backpack, or shoelaces and he'll add a little froggy cheer.

    This cute metal charm has a silvery finish and a stainless-steel lanyard clip.

    Size: Frog is 7/8" tall on a 7/8" steel lanyard clip
  • Playful Hanging Frog Pewter Earrings

    Hang on, froggies!

    These cute little pewter frogs will happily swing from your earlobes all day long. They are made from beautifully detailed brushed pewter, with hook style backs that have silicone "keepers" so you won't lose them.

    Size: frog is about 3/4" tall.
    Made in Canada
    $14.95 save 13%
  • Red-Eyed Treefrog Pin

    This colorful pin is a red-eyed treefrog perched on a branch. The pin is metal, decorated in shiny enamels. It has a pin-style locking clasp on the back. This small pin looks great as a lapel pin, and is also perfect for decorating your purse, backpack, or hat. Size: 1-1/4" tall
  • Silverplate Frog Charm Necklace

    What a pretty little frog! This silvery necklace has a lovely little tree frog charm pendant, and is hung on a slinky round chain. Chain and charm are silver plated. The chain is short enough that it sits high like a choker, and is also a good size for
  • Smiley Frog Watch, Green Band

    Looking for a fun frog watch?

    The band and face of the watch are decorated with smiling green frog heads. The watchband is molded vinyl, so the frog heads actually stick up a little in 3D. The green frog heads are a little darker in color than the green watchband.

    On the watch face, frog heads mark the 12, 3, 6, and 9 positions. The frog in the middle of the watch is on a clear plastic disk that rotates as the seconds tick by.

    Size: Fits children and small adults - adjusts from 5-1/4" to 6-1/2". Be sure to measure your wrist if this is for an adult.
  • Spotted Frog Prince Jewel Box

    Here's a handsome prince for you! He's accented with shimmering enamels and gold plating, and wears a fine golden crown decorated with glittering Austrian crystals. This petite metal frog is a tiny hinged box, closing with a magnetic clasp in the frog's mouth. The lower photo shows the box opened. And look, there's a special surprise inside! (A ladybug...was that dinner??) He arrives in a gold-foil gift box lined with satiny fabric inside. Size: about 2" long, 1" tall including crown.

  • Sterling Treefrog Banana

    Love that frog!

    This little sterling silver treefrog makes a great body accent for your piercing, and looks like he's clinging to you with those big toes.

    The frog is sterling silver, and the banana barbell is surgical steel.

    Size: 1/2" curved barbell, 1/16" bar and 5mm threaded ball
  • Whimsical Frogs Charm Bracelet

    This stretch bracelet with its silvery beads and whimsical frog charms is perfect for kids and the young at heart. It makes a great frog party favor or stocking stuffer. Packaging: Carded, cellophane bag Size: About 6-1/2" around: fits kids, teens, and smaller women
  • Whimsical Jeweled Frog Box

    What a delightful roly poly frog!

    This adorable round and warty frog box is made of enameled metal and holds more than you might think. There are emerald green crystals set onto the back of this frog and the lid comes entirely off making it very easy to get inside.

    The inside of the box is lined with a short black velvet and the inside dimensions are about 1.5" by 2" by 1". The outside dimensions are 3" long, 2" wide, and 1.5" tall.