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Frog Miniatures

Miniature frogs are perfect frog gifts for frog collectors, or for frog lovers with limited shelf space! This category includes metal and pewter frogs, ceramic frogs, porcelain frogs, resin frogs, and other tiny frog figurines and statues that are generally less than 2" tall. These tiny frogs also make good frog gift toppers, frog cake decorations, frog party favors, or wedding and baby shower favors. Add a little frog decor to your desktop, shelf, computer monitor, or car dashboard too!


  • "Clinger" Red-Eyed Mini Porcelain Frog

    If you spent all night climbing in the tops of rainforest trees, you'd be grateful for clingy toes too!

    The wonderful ability of the Red-Eyed treefrog to climb for hours in all weather conditions is what has given this tiny cute collectible its name, "Clinger."

    This miniature frog is hand painted porcelain making each frog unique in its exact markings. But all of the markings are representative of the species including the bright orange feet and large red eyes. This species of frog also has blue along its sides and upper arms with a pale belly and a bright green back.

    Comes in a small gift box.

    Size: 1.25" long, .75" tall
  • "Fully Rely On God" Mini Porcelain Frog

    Rely on God and let LOVE fill your heart!

    With one hand raised in supplication, this miniature frog is sitting on a lily pad with the letters F.R.O.G.

    In between the letters which stand for "Fully Rely on God" are little red hearts to remind you to open your heart fully to God.

    This miniature figurine is hand painted porcelain and comes in a small gift box.

    Size: 1-3/8" long, 7/8" high
  • "Sapphire" Blue Mini Porcelain Dart Frog

    A beautiful, beautiful tiny blue frog!

    It's no wonder that this cute collectible frog goes by the name of "Sapphire."

    Sapphire belongs to the poison dart species of frog. So don't let its beauty fool you, Sapphire is a highly toxic frog!

    This miniature frog is hand painted porcelain making each frog unique in its exact markings. The pattern of darker blue spots on one frog will be different from all the others... just like real frogs.

    Comes in a small gift box.

    Size: 1.25" wide, .75" tall
  • Mini Pewter Frog

    Here's a miniature frog for your collection!

    This tiny frog is cast in pewter. These are also perfect as party or wedding favors.

    The copper color item in the photo is a penny for scale.

    Size: 3/4" tall.
  • Mini Verdi Metal Frogs (box of 6)

    By far the cutest little frog figures you've ever seen!

    They come in a pack of six to decorate a bathroom, living room, or just about anywhere. Or use them as individual party favors etc. They are made of cast metal and have a classy verdigris finish.

    Each piece is just over an inch long. You get one set of 6 (all the same).

    (NOTE: If you have bought these frogs before, these are the new design and are a lighter weight metal with slightly smaller feet and a more matte finish.)
  • Pewter Leap Frogs

    Two frogs frolic in a fun game of leapfrog!

    The jumping frog is wearing a little bowler hat, and both frogs have green crystal eyes. This fanciful frog statue is a great frog gift for a collector.

    Size: about 2" tall
  • Set/2 Whimsical Mini Green Frogs

    Looking for a pair of cute little frog friends for your shelf or to sit among your potted plants?

    These mini frogs are very green with sweet smiles and big brown eyes. A great addition to your home!

    Size: Set of 2 frogs, each about 2 inches high, made from cast resin
  • Sprogz: Chicago Hop Nurse

  • Sprogz: Hoppily Ever After Bride

    Sprogz frog figurines are popular collectibles! They range from about 2" to 3" in height, and are made from a cold-cast polystone resin material. The bride and groom make cute cake toppers, and the frogsmaid and frogsman are great keepsake bridal party gifts. (See links at the bottom of this page.)

  • Swirled Blue Legged Glass Frog

    This blown glass frog has such delightful and elegant curves! Made in the Murano style of different colors of glass blended together, this delicate frog has a thin clear body with swirls of yellow, green, and black. The arms and legs are a cobalt blue. Since these frogs are hand blown, each frog will be slightly different. Size: About 2" long and 1" high. Packaging: Plain white box.

  • Swirled Green Legged Glass Frog

    What a beautiful frog! This fancy frog has bright colors swirled right into the glass. His legs are green, and his body is orange, white and yellow swirled into clear glass. He is handformed, not molded, right down to his delicate little toes. Size: 2-1/4" long

  • Tiny Yoga Frog in Lotus Pose

    Add some peaceful tranquility to your garden!

    This tiny frog sits in a meditative lotus yoga pose, dreaming of warm sunshine and happy days. Put him among your plants, on a shelf by your office desk, or on a sunny windowsill. He'd make a great addition to your collection of frog miniatures!

    Material: Coldcast polystone resin

    Size: 2" tall, 2" wide