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Frog Pins, Tacs, Brooches

Frog pins, brooches, and tacs have so many uses! Decorate your lapel, use them as a necktie tack, or to hold a scarf in place. Frog pins look great on a hat or purse, or to dress up a blouse or jacket. Sterling silver and enamel frog pins, sparkly Austrian crystal tacs, and elegant brushed pewter brooches make wonderful frog gifts for that special froggy person.


  • Crazy Frog Lady Pin-On Button

    Crazy for frogs?

    You really should warn others if you are. Just wear this button to give others a clear warning without you having to say anything. The button is white with a few green frogs and a very clear warning... "BEWARE of Crazy Frog Lady."

    The metal button has a pin-style backing and looks great on hats and jacket lapels! Also check out our other Crazy Frog Lady items through the links below.

    Made in the USA.

    Size: 1-3/4" across
    Packaging: none
  • Frogs on Seesaw Pewter Pin

    Playtime for frogs!

    This whimsical pewter pin has two green frogs on a seesaw. (Note: The seesaw is not movable.)

    Size: 2-1/2" wide

    Units: each
    Packaging: carded
  • Frog on Golden Chair Pin

    Froggy went a-courtin?

    This whimsical silvery frog holds a bunch of flowers, as he sits on his golden chair.

    Size: 2" tall

    Units: each
    Packaging: carded
  • Golden-Toed Frog Pin

    We love this guy!

    He's gold-plated with green enamel spots and green crystal eyes, and he has big shiny gold toes. Use him to hold a scarf or as a decorative lapel pin.

    Size: 1-1/4" long, 1-1/2" wide

    Units: each
    Packaging: carded
  • Green and Gold Frog Tac

    How about a pin for your hat?
  • Green Frog Brass Hatpin

    Here's a handsome little frog pin that looks great anywhere! Use it for a hatpin, lapel pin, tie tac, or on your backpack. Green enamel over brass, post-style back with plastic clasp. Size: 1/2" tall, 7/8" wide Units: each; minimum order of 4 Packaging: none
  • Green Tree Frog Pin

    Dress up any outfit with this cute treefrog pin! He seems to be clinging to his perch, with one leg extended down for balance.

    His eyes are sparkling green crystals, and toes are gilded with gold. He's a lovely pale green with a pearly matte finish; very elegant.

    Size: 3" tall.
  • Green Crystal Frog Banana

    This sparkly little crystal frog can't wait to be part of your body decor! His eyes are pale blue Austrian Crystal, and there are three green crystals along his back. The frog is silver, and is mounted on a surgical steel banana barbell. Size: 1/2" curved barbell, 1/16" bar and 5mm threaded ball THIS PRODUCT IS FOR PEOPLE WITH A BODY PIERCING. Units: each Packaging: none
  • Green Crystal Wiggly-Frog Banana

    This charming little two-piece sterling silver frog is inlaid with green Swarovski crystals, and sits on a 1/2" surgical steel banana barbell. His head and arms are attached to the barbell, and the legs are hinged so they dangle and wiggle when you move! Size: 1/2" barbell, 1/16" bar and 5mm threaded ball. Units: each Packaging: none
  • Little Enamel & Gold Frog Tac

    A verrry cute little frog pin! This tiny frog is a bright gold metal with its body covered in a dark moss green enamel except for 2 slightly raised lines of gold. The eyes are bright ruby red Austrian crystals. This pin is lead free and has the tie tac style fastening. Size: .75" long, .75" wide Packaging: On a plastic jewelry backing ready for hanging.
  • Red-Eyed Treefrog Pin

    This colorful pin is a red-eyed treefrog perched on a branch. The pin is metal, decorated in shiny enamels. It has a pin-style locking clasp on the back. This small pin looks great as a lapel pin, and is also perfect for decorating your purse, backpack, or hat. Size: 1-1/4" tall
  • Sterling Treefrog Banana

    Love that frog!

    This little sterling silver treefrog makes a great body accent for your piercing, and looks like he's clinging to you with those big toes.

    The frog is sterling silver, and the banana barbell is surgical steel.

    Size: 1/2" curved barbell, 1/16" bar and 5mm threaded ball