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Frog Sculptures & Art

Frog statues and frog figurines are great to decorate your home or office! This category also has collectible frog sculptures including wooden frogs, carved stone frogs, ceramic and fine porcelain frogs, and metal frogs made from pewter, brass, or silver. Frog collectible figures are made by many well-known companies, including Harmony Kingdom frogs by Harmony Ball, "A Breed Apart" frogs by Country Artists, enameled bronze frog art by Barry Stein, Artesania Rinconada from Uruguay, Alfrogo and Frogalina fine porcelain frog statues, and Single Green Frog figurines by Big Sky Carvers. We also have a few designs still available from some retired frog collectible sets, including Quarry Critters and Sprogz.


  • Harmony Kingdom: Look Before You Leap

    Two frogs wait for a third to jump off a leaf. The pair of tricksters have tied a piece of string to their companion’s leg and are waiting for the fun to start. One carries a camera to capture the ensuing disaster.

    “Look Before You Leap” was carved by British sculptor Peter Calvesbert in 2001. Hand cast and tinted in the Cotswolds region of England, this Harmony Kingdom Treasure Jests box figurine features a trio of playful frogs. Open the lid to reveal a secret interior compartment.

    This is a retired design, and this is our last one available.

    Approximate dimensions: 2 inches wide x 2.75 inches tall.