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Hat Scarf Tie Umbrella


  • Colorful Dart Frogs Necktie

    Made from silky-feel polyester, for the look and feel of silk but with extra durability and stain resistance. The fabric has a subtle woven texture in the base fabric, plus the printed frog pattern, which gives a nice rich finish.

    This handsome frog necktie has a black background.

    Size: Tie is about 4" wide at widest point.
  • Green Frog-Eyes Baseball Cap

    Put a fun frog on your head!

    This lightweight frog baseball cap has two large felt frog eyes sewn onto the top of the cap and a black felt strip for a mouth. The back has an elastic strap. It's made from a soft polyester velour fabric, in a bright green color.

    Add some extra frog fun to baseball games, parties, performances, and promotions!

    Size: One-size fits most adult heads (medium/small). The hat is about 21-22" around in circumference, with an elastic band in the back that accommodates some variation in sizes. 100% polyester.
  • Laughing Leapfrogs Necktie

    So many frogs, so many poses!

    This handsome frog tie is made from jacquard fabric. For those who may be a little fuzzy on the definition (like I was before I looked it up), jacquard is a fabric with an intricate design incorporated into the weave. The effect is to make some parts more shiny than others.

    The background on this frog necktie is a navy blue and the frogs are yellow and green. The jacquard pattern is big swirls and you can see it most clearly on the navy. My favorite frog is the one with the yellow belly and the big smile.

    This handmade frog tie is 100% polyester and has the look and feel of silk but with extra durability and stain resistance.

    Size: 55" long and 3-3/4" wide at widest point
  • Plastic Smiling Frog Costume Hats (pk/12)

    Having a frog party or play?

    These hats are a lot of fun to wear and have a very silly frog face on top. They are shaped similar to a construction hat.

    Designed for froggy kids, these hats are made from flexible plastic and you get a pack of 12 hats in green, light green and yellow-green colors.

    Size: 12 hats 7" wide and 4" tall: fits kids from about 4-10 yrs old
  • Red-eyed Tree Frog Hat

    Here's a frog to take with you! A colorful red-eyed treefrog is embroidered onto the front of this handsome charcoal-black denim cap.

    The size is adjustable to fit all adult heads, using a buckle strap across the back.

    Size: Adult, all sizes.
  • Whimsical Green Frogs Necktie

    What a hoot! Whimsical wacky frogs are having a great time on this fine novelty frog necktie, laughing and smiling and carrying on.

    This fun frog tie is a great way to liven up a party, wedding, or a dull business meeting. Give it a try!

    Fabric is silky polyester.