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Holiday Frogs


  • "Celebrate the Season!" Frog Holiday Boxed Cards (10)

    Here's a great card for the holidays!

    The front of this Holiday card has a cute green frog sticking out its long tongue to lick a snowflake. The card is a cherry red that really makes the green frog and white snowflakes stand out.

    Inside, it says:

    "Celebrate the Season!"

    This card is Made in Oregon, USA. See lower photo for a view of the inside.

    Size: Box of 10 cards, 5" x 7", and 10 envelopes
    Packaging: clear plastic box
  • "Hopping Good Time" Frog Christmas Cards, bx/18

    "Have a hopping good time
    this Holiday Season"

    That's the message inside these cute frog holiday cards, which feature a red-eyed treefrog posing on a gold ornament.

    You get a box of 18 cards and 18 envelopes.

    The cards are extra-large: 5-3/4" x 8"
    $14.75 save 33%
  • "Sing With Joy" Frog Christmas Cards, box of 10

    "Sing with the joy
    of the holiday!"

    That's the message inside this great frog Christmas card, featuring five red-eyed treefrogs singing carols. Two are holding books, while the others sing along. They are perched on a branch decorated with garland and ornaments.

    Inside, a bullfrog wearing a Santa hat sings while a tiny frog watches (see lower photo). The cards come with fancy gold-foil lined envelopes.

    Packaging: Clear plastic box
    Size: Cards are 5" x 7". Box of 10 cards and 10 envelopes.
  • Candycane Frog Holiday Cards - Box of 10


    This little frog has his sights set high. On the front it says "Hoppy Holidays!", inside the card says:

    "Wishing you all the joys
    of the holiday season"

    Size: Ten 5" x 7" cards and 10 white envelopes.

    Units: set of 10 cards/envelops
    Packaging: clear poly case, no label
  • Count Frogula Halloween Frog

    This little frog looks a bit silly, perhaps even embarrassed, with his shy grin and his vampire fangs. He wears a cape and a big pair of boots, and is just the guy to help you celebrate a hoppy Halloween. This is a Russ Berrie collectible. Size: 4-1/4" tall

  • Foam Frog Christmas Wreath Craft Kit

    Make your own frog wreath for the holidays!

    This fun kit is a great activity for holiday prep parties, church or school groups, or crafty kids. The kit contains pre-cut foam frog pieces, foam flowers and even foam flies, sequins, wiggly eyes, buttons and ribbon for creating your own unique frog wreath. You draw your own faces on the frogs, so you can be creative.

    Glue is not included: you will need to supply your own white craft glue or hotmelt glue. You will need a permanent marker to draw faces on the frogs.

    Just use the photo on the front of the package as a guide to create your own wreath! It's kind of like a puzzle, and kids will have fun figuring it out and gluing it together. The little foam frogs would also make cute accents to add to a regular Christmas wreath.

    Size: The foam wreath circle is 9 inches in diameter. Note: Glue is NOT included.
    $4.95 save 61%
  • Frog with Star Holiday Cards

    Surely even the frogs watched in wonder! A lovely green frog on his lilypad watches the Christmas star in the night sky, and underneath it says "It came upon a midnight clear..."  Inside, the card says: 

    "May the peace and joy
     of the Christmas season
    be with you throughout the year" 

    Size:   Ten  5" x 7" cards and 10 white envelopes.

    Units: set of 10 cards/envelops
    Packaging: clear poly case, no label

  • Frog Wreath Holiday Cards

    Look closer!

    This colorful red and green holiday wreath is really a crowd of little red-eyed treefrogs. Inside, the card says:

    "Hoppy Holidays!"

    Size: Ten 5" x 7" cards and 10 white envelopes.

    Units: set of 10 cards/envelops
    Packaging: clear poly case, no label
  • GUND Farley Graduate Frog Musical

    Are YOU smarter than a frog? You can't graduate until you know at least as much as a frog... Farley, the musical frog has passed the test. Congratulations Farley! Farley is wearing a black satin graduation cap with a yellow tassel and has a ribbon wrapped diploma in hand. This large frog is a bright green with darker green spots and has the wonderful softness of a Gund. Farley plays the tune, "Pomp and Circumstance" when you press the belly. Size: About 18" long from cap to heel, recommended for ages 1 year and up.
  • Hoppy Holidays Frog Stocking

    Give your child the best holiday ever by filling this adorable plush stocking with all of their favorite stocking stuffers. Your child will love this Santa Frog stocking so much, they will want to keep it with them all year! Size: 24" from the tip of the hat to the stocking toe. This is not a toy. For decorative purposes only.

  • Leaping for Joy Frog Holiday Cards, box of 10

    Leap for joy! These happy whimsical frogs are leaping out of gifts, wearing funny Santa hats. This bright and colorful card is a wonderful way to send your froggy holiday cheer. Inside, the card says: "Wishing you a Happy Holiday and a Joyous New Year" Size: 5" x 7". Units: set of 10 cards/envelops Packaging: clear poly case, no label Units: box of 10 Frog Christmas cards and 10 white envelopes. Packaging: clear poly box
  • Stocking Stuffer Frog Christmas Cards, bx/10

    This cute frog is ready to greet you in his little Santa hat, as he sits in his Christmas stocking. Inside, the card says "Hoppy Holidays!" Washington artist Jennifer Cullings painted the original watercolor for this handsome frog Christmas card. You get a box of 10 cards, and 10 white envelopes with gold-foil linings. Size: 5" x 7", Box of 10 cards and 10 white foil-lined envelopes
  • Sugarplum Frog Holiday Cards

    Look closely! This little frog is taking a nap in your stocking, with his belly full of Christmas candy. On the front it says visions of sugarplums...", inside the card says:Wishing you a festive hoiday and a wonderful New Year. Ten 5x 7 cards and ten w
  • Victorian Frog Christmas Cards, box/10

    Are you hoping Santa will bring you frogs for Christmas? These handsome frog Christmas cards are sure to get a double-take and a good chuckle! A Victorian-style Santa holds a bag full of frogs, and is holding one up to show to you. Inside, there is a black-and-white image of three little frogs with their Christmas presents (see lower photo). The inside message says: "Hope Santa brings you the hoppiest Christmas ever!" You get a box of 10 cards, with 10 elegant gold-foil lined envelopes.
  • Whimsical Little Frog Wizard

    This cute little frog has charm! He's dressed as a little wizard, complete with pointed hat and cape of black sueded fabric decorated with little gold hearts and moons. The frog is soft green velvety plush, and will sit upright. Size: 7" tall overall, 5" when sitting.