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Keychains, Charms, Pulls

Frog keychains, frog charms, and frog zipper pulls are a great way to keep frogs with you every day! The frog charms and pulls can be clipped to a backpack, purse, cell-phone, jacket zipper, or even dangled from the rear-view mirror in your car. Many people keep little frog charms close to them for good luck, or to remind them to F.R.O.G. - Fully Rely On God!


  • "Believe" Pewter Frog Pocket Charm


    This cute little frog is made from solid pewter metal. The underside of the frog is flat and has the word, "Believe" cast into it.

    The little charm is a great reminder of just how important it is to believe. Whether it is belief in your own capabilities or belief in your religion or spiritual practice, it is an essential ingredient for success!

    The charm comes in a small black velveteen drawstring bag. Makes a great gift for church groups, sports teams, and classmates!

    Size: 1-1/4" long and just 3/8 of an inch high
  • Beaded Frog Key Ring

    Never travel without your frog to bring you home again!

    How many times have you wasted more than 5 minutes looking for your keys? When you carry this beautiful beaded frog key ring with you, you are unlikely to misplace or lose your keys.

    The frog is padded in the middle and covered on both sides in tiny sparkly beads in two shades of green and accents of other colors. Very visible and easy to see!

    Size: frog is 2-1/2 inches tall with a 1 inch split ring for holding keys
    Packaging: individually bagged in plastic
  • Flexible Frog Frame Keychain

    They say that a picture is worth a thousand words...

    Who's they? Does anyone really know? I don't, but I DO know that this is a wonderful frog keychain! The frame has a pattern of green leaves with four beautiful tree frogs on it.

    It is made of a very flexible vinyl so that you won't be stabbing yourself if you put it in your pocket. It's also got a great pocket in the back so that you can slide in (from the top) a photo. Preferably one that means at least a thousand words to you!

    Size: Total length is 4.5", outside frame area is about 2.5" x 2", inside area of frame is about 1' x 2"
    Packaging: Sealed in individual plastic bags
  • Frog Clicker Keychain

    Click-click-click! Awesome! It's the most annoying noise ever!

    Squeeze the lever on the bottom of this green enameled metal frog, and it makes a loud clicking noise. These clickers are often used for training dogs and horses, and teachers use them to quiet a classroom. It's a mechanical click, not an electronic one, so there are no batteries to run out.

    And, it's a cute frog! And a keychain! Truly awesome. The detail picture below shows the underside of the frog.

    Size: Frog is 1-1/2" long with a 1" chain and a 1" split-ring keyring
  • Kicking Frog Zipper Pull

    Clip a little metal frog charm onto your zipper, backpack, purse, or suitcase! Besides being cute, he'll help you get a grip. Size: Frog is 1" tall, pull is 1-3/4" overall Units: each Packaging: carded
  • Playful Frog Zipper Pull

    Here's a cheerful frog with lots of uses!

    Just clip him to your zipper, or purse, or backpack, or shoelaces and he'll add a little froggy cheer.

    This cute metal charm has a silvery finish and a stainless-steel lanyard clip.

    Size: Frog is 7/8" tall on a 7/8" steel lanyard clip
  • Plush Froggie Keychain

    Are you looking for a cute and soft frog keychain?

    This adorable plush frog is a lovely bright green with yellow accents.

    The keychain has a split ring for attaching keys and a swivel on it so that your keys won't get twisted up with the frog.

    Size: frog is about 3 inches high
  • Plush Froggie Zipper Charm

    Are you looking for an adorable frog charm?

    This cute little froggie is made from a short yellow and green plush. He is attached to a short black cord for hanging. Dangle him from the lanyard loop on your cell-phone, or the zipper on your coat, backpack, or purse!

    Size: frog is about 2 inches tall