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Metal Frog Figurines

This page contains our metal frog decor, including brass frogs and cast pewter frogs. Many of the bronze frogs have an antiqued finish, or a blue-green verde patina. You will find brass frogs with delicate cloisonne' enamelwork, either for decorations or as hanging ornaments. Some frogs are shelf-sitters that sit with a leg hanging down, some are tabletop decor, and some are hanging frogs that can be mounted on a wall.


  • Balancing Metal Frog

    This completely adorable balancing frog looks great on a shelf or window sill, or even in a greenhouse!

    Just touch the lily pad lightly and watch as he gently rocks back and forth.

    About 9" tall x 9" wide. Painted metal. Not ideal for prolonged outdoor use.
  • Rainforest Cloisonné Frog

    What a beautiful rain forest tree frog!

    This lovely green frog has these big eyes and an expression that seems rather charmingly cheeky. The frog is made from brass, but is hollow and not solid. It is intricately enameled in the cloisonne style. Sections on the frog are separated by fine brass wires then enameled in different colors and baked to harden.

    This is truly an heirloom piece that will last for generations. This piece is not an ornament but comes with a separate black wooden base to set on.

    Size: about 3 inches by 3-1/4 inches