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Metal Frog Figurines

This page contains our metal frog decor, including brass frogs and cast pewter frogs. Many of the bronze frogs have an antiqued finish, or a blue-green verde patina. You will find brass frogs with delicate cloisonne' enamelwork, either for decorations or as hanging ornaments. Some frogs are shelf-sitters that sit with a leg hanging down, some are tabletop decor, and some are hanging frogs that can be mounted on a wall.


  • Acrobatic Garden Frog

    Wow! What a beautiful handstand.

    This acrobatic frog has perfect balance and particularly loves to do handstands in your garden. He also makes a very froggy statement when placed on your steps, your patio or a shelf in your home.

    He is made from cast aluminum metal with a handsome weathered blue-green verdigris patina.

    Size: 19.5"H 7"W 6"D
  • Balancing Metal Frog

    This completely adorable balancing frog looks great on a shelf or window sill, or even in a greenhouse!

    Just touch the lily pad lightly and watch as he gently rocks back and forth.

    About 9" tall x 9" wide. Painted metal. Not ideal for prolonged outdoor use.
  • Birdwatching Big Metal Garden Frog

    Where is that pesky bird? I can't spot him anywhere!

    This big handsome frog spectator with bird is a truly awesome garden sculpture! It's hollow metal with a bluegreen verdi finish, so will be durable and beautiful for many years.

    It's big, too - 13.5" tall. This fine frog would look fantastic in your garden or yard, with his binoculars pointed at the birdfeeder or pool. Or, perhaps he's looking down the driveway, or in the window...

    Size: 13-1/2" x 13-1/2" x 11-1/2"
    $175.00 save 15%
  • Brass Reading Frog

    I love to read! Put me anywhere... as long as it is close to a book.

    Need a cultured frog?

    This handsome brass frog is into some heavy reading! He sits nicely on a shelf edge or on your computer with one leg hanging down, and sports an antiqued verdigris finish.

    Great gift for a froggy lover that likes to read.

    Size: 6-1/4" tall.
  • Fishing Frog Mama & Baby Garden Statue

    Do you have a fond fishing memory?

    This mama frog has just caught a fish and baby frog is holding the basket for her to put the fish in before it slips off the hook.

    The frogs are cast from aluminum metal and have a verdigris finish to give it a nice bronzed weathered look. The mama frog is sitting and holding a fishing pole with a fish dangling at the end of the line while the baby frog is sitting with one leg dangling down and holding a fishing basket.

    It is a great addition to your yard or garden decor!

    Size: 20 inches tall
  • Froggy Long Leg Shelf Sitter

    Here's an awesome frog for your shelf or desk!

    He is made from cast aluminum metal with a handsome weathered blue-green verdigris patina. He's a very realistic figurine and likely to make your guests think he is real at first glance!

    With one long leg stretched out to drape down the side of a shelf, desk or bench, this frog would look great in your home or in the garden.

    Size: 10 inches long x 6.5 inches wide
  • Leaping Frogs Flower Holder

    What fun!

    Two brass frogs are playing a game of Leapfrog (what else?) The frogs have a verdigris finish to give it a nice greenish weathered look.

    The upper frog has a series of holes in his back, which can either be left as decoration or used to hold dried flowers, incense sticks, pens and pencils, or whatever seems handy.

    Size: 6-1/2" tall
  • Pewter Leap Frogs

    Two frogs frolic in a fun game of leapfrog!

    The jumping frog is wearing a little bowler hat, and both frogs have green crystal eyes. This fanciful frog statue is a great frog gift for a collector.

    Size: about 2" tall
  • Rainforest Cloisonné Frog

    What a beautiful rain forest tree frog!

    This lovely green frog has these big eyes and an expression that seems rather charmingly cheeky. The frog is made from brass, but is hollow and not solid. It is intricately enameled in the cloisonne style. Sections on the frog are separated by fine brass wires then enameled in different colors and baked to harden.

    This is truly an heirloom piece that will last for generations. This piece is not an ornament but comes with a separate black wooden base to set on.

    Size: about 3 inches by 3-1/4 inches
  • Serenading Jeremiah Frog Jewel Box

    Who could resist a serenading frog prince?

    Jeremiah is a handsome dark gold frog with dark green crystal eyes. He is very talented with his electric red guitar and is willing to get on his knee to demonstrate his love!

    This wonderful frog jewel box would make an excellent gift for Valentine's Day or even as a way to present an engagement ring. The box opens lengthwise at the frog's mouth with the hinge at the rear and has a small magnetic clasp to hold it closed. It may not be quite large enough to hold a ring inside but the ring would look very nice draped over the end of the guitar.

    Size: 3 inches high
  • Sitting Green Rainbow Frog

    Do you like to see frogs in your garden?

    Well, here's one that won't hop away before you get a good look at it!

    This beautiful garden frog is made from metal that has been cut, bent, and welded into a frog shape. The center of the frog is hollow so it is light enough to sit on smaller tree branches.

    The frog is painted in bright rainbow colors and covered in a clear varnish that gives it a glossy look. Although designed for outdoor decoration, this frog is perfectly happy to sit inside the house with you.

    Size: About 5" long, 5" wide, and 3" tall