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Rings, Watches, Bracelets

This page shows our collection of frog rings, frog wristwatches and clip-on pendant watches, and frog bracelets. We also have frog toe rings and anklets; always a great way to show off your frogs in the summertime! All of our frog rings and toe rings are adjustable size, so you can get a perfect fit.


  • Glitter Frog Rings Assorted Colors (pk of 9)

    Fun fashion frog rings for your fingers!

    These adjustable rings make great party favors and game prizes! They come in a variety of glittery colors and have wiggly eyes.

    You get a set of 9 rings that are sized to fit kids but can stretch to fit an adult finger. Just be careful not to pull too hard because they are plastic, not metal.

    Size: set of 9 rings, frog head is about 1/2 inch across
  • Green F.R.O.G. Fully Rely On God Silicone Bracelet

    Do you Fully Rely On God?

    This fun frog silicone wristband is etched with the letters "F.R.O.G." on one side and "Fully Rely On God" on the other side. The picture shows 2 bands so that you can see the lettering on both sides, but please note that the bands are SOLD BY THE SINGLE PIECE.

    It is made from 100% recycled silicone rubber and is a pale green in color with dark green text.

    Wear it everywhere to remind you that God is always with you!

    Made in the U.S.A.

    Size: 2-1/2" across, 1/2" wide
    Packaging: None
  • Smiley Frog Watch, Green Band

    Looking for a fun frog watch?

    The band and face of the watch are decorated with smiling green frog heads. The watchband is molded vinyl, so the frog heads actually stick up a little in 3D. The green frog heads are a little darker in color than the green watchband.

    On the watch face, frog heads mark the 12, 3, 6, and 9 positions. The frog in the middle of the watch is on a clear plastic disk that rotates as the seconds tick by.

    Size: Fits children and small adults - adjusts from 5-1/4" to 6-1/2". Be sure to measure your wrist if this is for an adult.
  • Sterling Double-Frogs Adjustable Ring

    Classy and elegant...

    This sterling silver ring is in the design of a branch that forms the band then leafs out at the ends. Perched upon the leaves at each end of the branch is a frog.

    The two frogs rest next to each other, but are not welded together so the ring is very adjustable.

    Size: Ring size is adjustable, the 2 frogs together are almost .75" long. Sterling silver.
  • Sterling Elegant Frog Adjustable Ring

    Here's a frog with a long leg!

    The little sterling silver frog perches on your finger, and one of his back legs reaches all the way around. The foot is not joined back to the ring on the other side, so you can adjust the ring so it fits you just right.

    Size: One size fits all. Adult size: about 3/4" across when adjusted as shown.

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  • Sterling Elegant Frog Bracelet

    Enjoy this lovely frog bracelet in elegant sterling silver!

    The bracelet is a silver hoop with an opening, where two little sterling frogs face each other.

    The wrist portion is made from a special silver material that is springy and bounces back to its original shape. It can also be opened out wider for large wrists, or bent in tighter (with the frogs side-by-side) for smaller wrists.

    Size: 2-1/2" across, frogs are each 1/2" long and 5/8" wide

    Comes nicely gift-boxed.

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  • Whimsical Frogs Charm Bracelet

    This stretch bracelet with its silvery beads and whimsical frog charms is perfect for kids and the young at heart. It makes a great frog party favor or stocking stuffer. Packaging: Carded, cellophane bag Size: About 6-1/2" around: fits kids, teens, and smaller women