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Stuffed Plush & Puppets

Looking for some really huggable plush stuffed frog toys? We have giant plush frogs and tiny fuzzy frogs, frog hand puppets, soft stuffed frogs for babies, floppy sand frogs, and frog beanbag toys. Stuffed frog toys make great frog gifts for anniversaries and birthday parties, and for Christmas or Valentine's Day too. Many frog lovers collect plush frogs.


  • "RUSS" Silky Soft Plush Frog

    This Russ Berrie frog is a deep green color and has a very silky plush that make you want to stroke and cuddle it. The chin is a pale yellow and matches the yellow and black eyes.

    This frog is design to be held and cuddled or to lay flopped down on its belly (see lower photo.)

    Conforms to toy safety regulations. Machine washable. Made by RUSS.

    Size: About 12" tall overall
    $9.95 save 20%
  • Assorted Sand Frogs - Bulk Pricing

    These cute sand frogs are made from silky knit fabrics with shiny metallic dots. They come in assorted colors similar to those shown in the photo. The eyes are inset.

    For bulk pricing, there is a minimum purchase of 30 frogs. Assortments will vary.

    If you want to buy less than 30 assorted sand frogs, check the "RELATED" tab below to order at individual pricing.

    NOTE: These are LARGE sand frogs, not mini frogs. Also, they are not filled with actual sand, but tiny pellets that feel like sand but are lighter in weight than sand.

    Size: 5" long
    $3.95 save 25%
  • Count Frogula Halloween Frog

    This little frog looks a bit silly, perhaps even embarrassed, with his shy grin and his vampire fangs. He wears a cape and a big pair of boots, and is just the guy to help you celebrate a hoppy Halloween. This is a Russ Berrie collectible. Size: 4-1/4" tall

  • Cuddlekins Giant Red-Eyed Tree Frog

    Have you been looking for a really, really, big stuffed, super cuddly frog? This giant red-eyed treefrog is not only huge, he's also beautifully detailed and huggably soft. His long legs make it easy to carry him piggyback, or to dance a tango! The frog has big red eyes, a green back, and cream-colored belly, with orange feet and blue markings. He'll make the perfect frog gift for your favorite frog-person. (See photo below for another view of just how big this frog really is!) Size: 50" long with legs extended, body is 30"

  • Cuddlekins Red-Eyed Tree Frog Puppet

    Here's a puppet you can get your whole hand into!

    This large puppet is based on the Red-Eyed Tree Frog with its beautiful bright green color with blue markings on its side, orange toes and of course, very large red eyes!

    Super cuddly and well-loved by the kids.

    Size: About 14" long.
  • GUND Farley Graduate Frog Musical

    Are YOU smarter than a frog? You can't graduate until you know at least as much as a frog... Farley, the musical frog has passed the test. Congratulations Farley! Farley is wearing a black satin graduation cap with a yellow tassel and has a ribbon wrapped diploma in hand. This large frog is a bright green with darker green spots and has the wonderful softness of a Gund. Farley plays the tune, "Pomp and Circumstance" when you press the belly. Size: About 18" long from cap to heel, recommended for ages 1 year and up.
  • Large Green Sand Frog

    Everyone loves sand frogs! These fun floppy frogs are made from a shimmery silky fabric and filled with a sand material. They are fun to play with, and sit nicely on your computer monitor or dashboard too.

    This large sand frog comes in a variety of green patterned fabrics with rainbow-colored sparkly dots all over his backside and a bright green satin belly. He's filled with a dense sand-like stuffing that makes him firm but floppy but not too heavy like real sand.

    NOTE: Sold by the single frog. If you wish more than one, please choose the appropriate quantity and if you wish a specific pattern, you can mention it in the customer notes box during checkout. If we have it available, we will pick it for you. If not, we will ship whichever one looks most similar that is available.

    Size: 5-1/2" long by 5" wide
  • Lil' Froggy Baby Rattle

    Cute frog baby rattle...

    This pale sage green rattle is super soft with a gentle rattle and a crinkle material inside the head that makes a crinkley noise when squeezed.

    The frog has a green and white plaid bow securely fastened under its chin and eyes and mouth that are sewn-in thread. Perfectly safe for Baby!

    Makes a great gift for baby showers and new parents anytime!

    Part of the Bearington Baby frog collection. Item has an attached gift tag. See links below for other items in the collection.

    Size: 5" tall
  • Plush Spotted Neon Frogs (12)

    These adorable amphibians are sure to brighten any day! In vivid tropical colors, these friendly plush tree frogs make hopping favors at a summer pond party! They come in 6 assorted colors. Price is per dozen. Size: 1 bag of a dozen (12) frogs, each about 4" long

  • Spotted Plush Mini Frogs (12)

    Are you looking for lots and lots of pretty little frogs? If you're having a party or want to send out thank you gifts to a lot of people, these frog cuties are a great choice! You get a dozen plush frogs in assorted colors of dark pink, blue, green, and orange. The frogs are stretched out in a full flying leap pose. They have hard plastic eyes, a white belly and very adorable spots! Size: Bag of 12 frogs, each about 5" long and 1-1/4" high

  • Webkinz Plush Bullfrog

    What a cuddly round bullfrog! This soft plushy bullfrog is bright green with lots of dark spots. He is a genuine Webkinz toy pet with his own secret code that allows his special friend to log into the Webkinz website and adopt a virtual version of their pet. Wouldn't you like to be his special friend? With this unique code as their key, children can join Webkinz World without giving out any personal information such as e-mail, last name or phone number. A safe way to have even more froggy fun! Size: About 8" long

    $8.95 save 11%
  • Webkinz Plush Tree Frog

    Here's an adorably cute frog! This very soft plush treefrog with large red eyes is a genuine Webkinz toy pet. Each Webkinz frog has a secret code that allows his special friend to log into the Webkinz website and adopt a virtual version of their pet. With this unique code as their key, children can join Webkinz World without giving out any personal information such as e-mail, last name or phone number. A safe way to have even more froggy fun! Size: About 8" long

  • Whimsical Little Frog Wizard

    This cute little frog has charm! He's dressed as a little wizard, complete with pointed hat and cape of black sueded fabric decorated with little gold hearts and moons. The frog is soft green velvety plush, and will sit upright. Size: 7" tall overall, 5" when sitting.