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Windchimes, Flags, Signs


  • "Welcome To Our Pad" Frog Plaque

    Good to see you! Come on in.

    Make your home extra inviting to your guests with this adorable wooden plaque that has 2 frogs sitting on a lilypad with a blooming lily in front of them.

    The plaque says in bold black letters, "Welcome to our pad."

    Size: 4.5" tall (not including wire hanger), 8" wide
  • 5-Ring Frog Chime Mobile

    There's nothing like a toadstool to make a frog happy! This windchime has a great sound as each ring reverberates off each other as well as the center column. The frogs are made of a durable polyresin, and each little hanging 3D figurine has frogs in various poses sitting on toadstools. This chime works especially well when hung near a window. Size: 24 inches long

  • Beware of Attack Frog Sign

    Warning, intruders!

    This sign is sure to deter burglars, as they ponder just what an attack frog might do to them. (Or not...) Makes a great sign for over your frog's terrarium, or for someone who just has way too many frogs in their collection. The sign is plastic with raised lettering, and has a mounting hole in each corner.

    Size: 3" x 12"

    Units: each
    Packaging: plastic bag, no label

    Notice to Returning Customers:

    This product is no longer a stamped aluminum sign. It is now made of plastic. The letters are not stamped like the old sign, but they are raised to look the same. The back is flat and the sign is fairly rigid.

  • Dart Frog Mini Keychain Kite

    Go fly a frog!

    A frog kite, that is. This small frog kite is beautifully made from lightweight nylon fabric, and yet is so compact it folds up into a tiny zipper pouch that you can use for a keychain. Cool! Keep it in your backpack, purse, or car for those moments when you just must fly a kite.

    The kite comes complete with a small spool of line. No sticks or struts required; the gussets in the fabric keep it stiff enough to fly.

    Size: 18" wide, 12" tall. Folds into a handy zipper case 3-1/2" across.
  • Frog Parking Color Metal Sign

    Here's a great frog sign for your parking space!

    This heavy gauge aluminum metal sign has a full color picture on the front featuring a fabulous Red-Eyed Treefrog and the words, "FROG PARKING ONLY ALL OTHERS WILL BE TOAD."

    This sign is also great for putting over your desk, in dorm rooms, over your frog's aquarium, or even above the commode to accent your froggy bath decor!

    Weather and UV resistant! Made in the USA.

    Size: 8" x 12" x 1/16" thick, with 1/4" mounting holes at top and bottom center.
  • Juggling Frog Decal

    Groovy, man!

    This brightly colored frog decal shows a cross-legged frog juggling three mushrooms.

    This cute two-sided adhesive sticker shows the full design from either side, so you can put it on the inside or outside of a window. This fine frog looks great on your car windows, and is also perfect for decorating tiles, bathrooms, mirrors, or just about any smooth clean surface.

    Size: Frog is 4" wide. Decal measures 5" x 5-1/2".
  • Leaping Frog Metal Windchimes

    A great frog wind chime with a dark silhouette!

    The frog and chimes are made from metal with a mottled black, high gloss finish.

    See detail image below for a view of the entire wind chime.

    Size: frog is about 8 inches high and the total windchime length is 40 inches long
  • Red Eyed Treefrog License Plate

    This beautiful red-eyed treefrog is painted in vivid enamels on a durable metal license plate, and if you live in a state with only one plate you can mount it in place of your second license plate. If not, he also makes a cute sign for a wall, window, office cubicle, or dorm room. Size: 6" x 12" with four mounting slots (no frame)
  • Two Blue Dart Frogs Suncatcher

    These two beautiful blue dart frogs will brighten up your window!

    This glass suncatcher is perfect for hanging in a sunny window or for decorating an office or bedroom.

    The blue dart frogs have spots of black and mottled areas of lighter blue and contrast nicely with the green branches and reddish flower.

    The hanger is a small metal chain with a hook capable of fitting over a curtain rod 1/2 inch in diameter and the suncatcher comes with a "Habitat Map & Facts" for the Blue Poison Dart Frog.

    Size: Circle is 4-3/4" in diameter