Kitty’s Critters

Porcelon Limited Editions by Kitty Cantrell

Kitty’s Critters-Enjoy the wonder and magic of these highly collectible renditions of Kitty’s Critters frogs, lizards, ladybugs, cats, dogs, pigs and geckos and more. Wild and wonderful in vibrant, whimsical colors, Kitty’s Critters are sure to delight the most descriminating collector. Each Kitty’s Critters figurine tells a story with their crazily adorable expressions and poses. Check out her new line called Primal Visions based on evocative ancient cave art renditions of animals.

These Whimsical Kitty’s Critters aren’t always easy to spot. Artist Kitty Cantrell brings these elusive Kitty’s Critters to life. They make us appreciate all of earth’s little creations; even the ones we can’t always see.
These creatures celebrate all things that slither, crawl, walk or swim; from frogs and snakes to mice, elephants, pigs and more. Hand crafted with care and personality, they add their own special touch to any environment. Make freinds with all the Kitty’s Critters and enjoy their delightful nature.

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